Musician-Composer-Performer-Photographer- Cinematographer

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Mark Del Castillo has toured the world as one of the guitarists, along with his brother, Rick, for the award-winning Latin band out of Austin, Texas - Del Castillo.  In 2003, Robert Rodriguez came to see the band in Austin and an immediate friendship/brotherly bond was formed.  Together, they formed Robert Rodriguez's CHINGON Band and perform unique live shows complete with a large visual backdrop of clips from the movies they have provided music for.  

Throughout his career, Mark has honed his production and composing skills to provide cues on a moment's notice, sometimes with the luxury of being able to work to picture.  Learning of the importance of dynamic drops to provide for dialogue, the changing tempos of a film, and the importance of alternate mixes has instilled the priceless knowledge needed to succeed in the TV and Film industry. 

In his spare time, Mark enjoys photography , with a focus on actors, musicians, and producers as his subjects, to capture their unique creative energies and transform them into amazing images.  Go to his "Photography" page to view some of his work.